Woman shocked to find boyfriend’s weird ‘hack’ to cease her snoring

From on your side to limiting alcohol consumption to wearing nasal patches, we’ve about a whole range of methods that help stop snoring. However, a teenager took things to a whole new level by licking his girlfriend at night to shut her up. And apparently it works wonders!

Jason Lee and Sharnie Bright-Penny have been together for seven months but have been driving each other insane over sleepless nights caused by snoring and sleep talk. As he kept making his girlfriend roll over and stop snoring — he even tried Friends’ Chandler hug-and-roll technique — 22-year-old Jason thought he’d try licking her face when last desperate attempt to find some peace.

Sharnie snores in her sleep (Credit: Kennedy)

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However, fool us even more when Sharnie appeared to be rolling away from him in his sleep and was calm, meaning he was finally able to get some zzzz, and he says the weird technique has been working like magic ever since.

19-year-old Sharnie had no idea her boyfriend had licked her in her sleep and instead dismissed her wet face as from dribbling. But the truth came out when she was staying at a friend’s house and was being kept awake by her pal, who was talking in his sleep – then Jason texted admitting his own unusual method of silencing her.

Woman Shocked To Find Boyfriend's Weird 'hack' To Cease Her SnoringThe couple have been together for seven months (Credit: Kennedy)

Jason, from Maryport in West Cumbria, said: “Your snoring sounds like a low growl. I was determined to find something to shut her up. She had rolled over several times in her sleep and snored in my ear.

“I rolled her over and she rolled back onto me and continued to snore in my ear. When that didn’t work, I decided to try a hug and roll. Then I decided to blow on her face and then lastly I just licked her face and it worked I laughed because it was so stupid but I’m pretty glad I found a solution.

“I’ve been doing this for about a week. Usually her snoring wakes me up so I try to go back to sleep but the snoring keeps me awake as it’s right in my ear.”

Credit: Kennedy - Woman Shocked To Find Boyfriend's Weird 'hack' To Cease Her SnoringCredit: KennedyCredit: Kennedy - Woman Shocked To Find Boyfriend's Weird 'hack' To Cease Her SnoringCredit: Kennedy

The couple admit they have a bad habit of talking in their sleep, with Sharnie once yelling for the cat and Jason ironically asking Sharnie to stop touching his tongue. However, Sharnie has her own trick up her sleeve and admits she tickles the backs of his knees to silence him.

She said: “I had no idea. I woke up with a wet face but I always thought I was drooling in my sleep but obviously I wasn’t. He claims he tried everything to get me shut up but nothing worked and it just got to the point where he tried everything and licking my face was the only thing that worked.

Sharnie gets her own back tickling the backs of her boyfriend - Woman Shocked To Find Boyfriend's Weird 'hack' To Cease Her Snoring's knees Sharnie gets her own back tickling the backs of her boyfriend’s knees

“To be honest, I find it . The fact that he was so sick of my snoring and constant cuddling and that was the only way to stop me. I’ve honestly never of it – this is a first. I usually only hear about people pushing their partner away, I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“I asked him if he would go ahead with it and his response to that question was ‘no comment’ so I assume he will.

If it helps him get some sleep, we can’t see any harm in it!

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