Withings provides medical-grade Sleep Diary to its monitoring mat for extra correct and helpful knowledge

Withings is out today with an upgrade for its sleep tracking mat customers. The new Sleep Diary feature in the Withings Health Mate app offers the ability to more accurately and consistently capture sleep data that’s easy to share with doctors and other medical professionals.

Withings its latest debut in a press release today:

Withings, a pioneer of the connected health movement, today launches Sleep Diary. This powerful new feature is now available in the Withings app for users of Withings Sleep mat and is a tool designed to deliver the data users and doctors need to help people optimize their sleep.

Withings says the motivation for creating its Sleep Diary was the issue of traditional sleep diaries being difficult to keep accurate and filled out consistently.

The Withings Sleep Diary goes beyond the sleep tracking that the Sleep mat and Health Mate app have previously offered by combining automatic sleep data collection and behavioral analysis with gold-standard medical sleep disorder questionnaires like the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and STOP-Bang.

That turns the personalized data into a “usable and actionable format for users and their clinical care teams.”

dr Pierre Escourrou, sleep physician at the Béclère Hospital in Paris believes Withings’ Sleep Diary may be able to significantly identify and treat sleep disorders:

Thanks to sleep data that until now has been difficult to objectively and consistently collect, Sleep Diary has the potential to dramatically contribute to better the identification and treatment of sleep disorders …It reveals relevant information that will allow the patient and the health professional to act.

The new Sleep Diary feature in the Health Mate app requires the Withings Sleep tracking mat that normally sells for $99. Going beyond the built-in Apple Watch sleep tracking features, Withings Sleep means you don’t have to wear a device, offers advanced tracking for sleep cycles, snore detection, and can monitor other sleep disturbances.

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Withings Provides Medical-grade Sleep Diary To Its Monitoring Mat For Extra Correct And Helpful Knowledge

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