What illness does a sleep disorder point out? | NEWS.am drugs

What Illness Does A Sleep Disorder Point Out?  |  NEWS.am Drugs

In some cases, difficulty falling asleep, whether it’s the inability to fall asleep quickly or, conversely, sleeping too long, can be a harbinger of a much more serious health problem, according to Donald Grant, the lead physician at The Independent Pharmacy.

He cited elevated levels as a possible cause of problems.

The specialist said that often difficulty falling asleep or unusually long bedtimes indicate a dangerous state of elevated , which shows up as one of the early signs of a problem.

According to him, a person with high can experience changes in the body, including those that interfere with .

The presence of such symptoms does not necessarily indicate a problem with cholesterol levels, but people who have problems sleeping are advised to consult a doctor and undergo medical examinations.

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