To fight despair, anxiousness and insomnia, this is able to be the surprising fish that will facilitate a superb temper and sound sleep.

Living serene and happy is a dream that can certainly be realized. As the ancients said, the economic basis is important, but our attitude towards life also counts. Certainly in modern society the possibilities of leading a quiet life are not many, especially for those who live in the city. Some people suffer from depression, others face life with a state of anxiety and sleep is no longer the same.

Two problems and two solutions

One point in the that is subject to stress is certainly the gut. A fast and incorrect diet could compromise the intestinal flora of which today it is discovered all its importance. The intestine becomes irritated and then here is the appearance of constipation or diarrhea, or foul-smelling flatulence. To help keep the gut in balance, garlic certainly would have something to say.

Not only food but sometimes some good advice could prove useful, also to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Falling asleep easily isn’t for everyone today. There are those who take a long time to be able to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Certainly a good mattress or a good pillow could help in the search for restful sleep. However, even the ancient oriental techniques could prove to be effective and give a very sweet sleep.

To combat depression, anxiety and insomnia, this would be the unexpected fish that would facilitate a good mood and sound sleep.

To meet these problems of modern life there is certainly a substance that could prove to be very useful. The name apparently doesn’t say much, except for the experts. This is tryptophan, an amino acid present both in vegetable proteins and in meat. Its action is important for producing the famous serotonin hormone, a substance that controls mood in the brain.

Tryptophan is then proposed to athletes in a medical environment to face competitions with a positive spirit. It is also recommended to combat depression, the so-called evil of the century. Also useful against anxiety and insomnia.

A truly special fish

One might wonder which foods contain this precious substance more than others. Well, tryptophan is contained in a particular way in fresh sea breath. It is present in 68.8% of the proteins of this fish, a very high value.

However, in order not to lose these precious nutrients during cooking, it is important to always cook the fish over low heat. In this way the temperatures will not be able to rise, conserving the precious substances. Thus we will not only eat delicious meat, but we will also benefit from an injection of good humor. It could well be said to be an anti-stress fish.

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