This is how one can inform whether or not your kid’s snoring wants knowledgeable evaluation

If most parents want one thing in life, it is a good night’s sleep for the whole family. However, sometimes even the best bed times are not enough to help your child sleep well. In fact, there are times when an condition like insomnia or even excessive snoring can cause your child to miss much-needed sleep.

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According to The Sleep Foundation, children experience what is known as simple or habitual snoring when they snore two or more nights a week. However, snoring alone is not necessarily a cause for concern. In fact, almost 10 percent of children snore regularly. Most of these cases of snoring occur without any other health concern, and snoring doesn’t even affect your child’s sleep.

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However, Texas Children’s Hospital advises that there are cases where your child’s snoring is more worrisome. In these cases, doctors use the term Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDS) to refer to any type of breathlessness experienced during sleep. Snoring is just one of those types of breathing disorders, but when it disrupts sleep it can be quite problematic. For parents, the key is to determine whether or not your child’s snoring is interfering with their sleep.

When a child’s snoring is a problem

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A doctor should examine your child’s snoring if it is causing abnormal breathing that disrupts sleep. In these cases, parents may notice their child gasping or snorting, rolling back and forth, waking up frequently at night, grinding their teeth, or going to bed. In addition, parents may find that their child breathes frequently during sleep (hypopnea) or pauses without breathing (apnea). All of these are worrying cases.

In these cases, the experts at Stony Brook University Hospital say parents should ask their pediatrician or family doctor to look for medical conditions that may be causing the sleep problems. After examining your child’s throat, mouth, tongue, and polyps, the pediatrician may order several other tests or even a sleep study to help what’s going on.

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If your child’s snoring is negatively affecting their sleep, the Mayo Clinic says doctors can prescribe any of the following treatments to help:

  • Topical nasal steroids or other medications that can relieve allergies and other possible causes of snoring
  • Tonsil and / or polyp removal to open your child’s airway
  • Positive airway pressure therapy or oral devices to regulate breathing

For children who simply snore lightly with no further medical concerns, doctors may only recommend better sleep hygiene and clear bedtime to encourage better sleep.

While parents may be concerned the first time they hear their child snore, this is a much more common problem than many parents realize. However, if you notice any other sleep issues besides your child’s snoring, don’t hesitate to see a doctor to be sure. After all, it is better to play it safe when it comes to your child’s health!

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Sources: Texas Children’s Hospital, The Sleep Foundation, Stony Brook University Hospital, The Mayo Clinic

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