Sue Perkins solely will get 4 hours of sleep an evening because of insomnia

It stated that “mortality, morbidity, performance, accidents and injuries, functioning and of life, and family wellbeing” are all affected and often not even noticed by the individual.

WebMD goes further by stating that by some estimates, 90 percent of people with insomnia also have other health conditions, including heart disease, high pressure, or diabetes.

It’s possible that her insomnia stems from her brain tumor, which she has admitted to being “screwed up” in the past [her] Hormones “. However, it would be presumptuous to assume this connection.

The most common symptoms of insomnia go beyond falling asleep at night. Other tell-tale signs that you might have insomnia include:

  • Wake up several times during the night
  • Lying awake at night
  • Getting up early and not being able to fall asleep
  • Still feel after waking up
  • You find it difficult to take a nap during the day even though you are
  • Feeling and irritable during the day
  • You find it difficult to concentrate during the day because you are tired.

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