Study on World Sleep Day 2021 examines the sleeping habits of probably the most profitable folks on the planet

It is world sleep day! The benefits of a good night’s sleep are often talked about, but do you really need those eight regular hours to be a successful person? And does it make a difference whether you are an early bird, a night owl or a short sleeper?

Dormeo’s sleep experts looked at the sleep patterns of 10 of the world’s top fliers along with their Myers-Briggs personality types to see if there were any patterns we could learn from. The study ranges from politicians to sports stars to business moguls.

So what did they ? Well, it looks like the ideal of seven to nine hours doesn’t necessarily make that much of a difference. Among the 10 celebs covered, 6 hours a night is , with some getting even less on a regular basis (although we don’t recommend Trump to be a role model with his 3 hours a night).

Going to bed early was quite unusual, as most of the celebs in the study went to bed at midnight or 1 a.m. However, Tim Cook (9:30 p.m.) and Oprah (10 p.m.) are bucking this trend.

A thread is that all celebrities are early risers. Nobody gets up after 7 a.m. (if you your sleep cycle slipping in lockdown, you may want to try a wake-up light to reset the situation). Check out the full results in the infographic below.

Study On World Sleep Day 2021 Examines The Sleeping Habits Of Probably The Most Profitable Folks On The Planet

(Image credit: Dormeo)

“While you look at this list of famous faces and think it might be worth trying the ‘short sleeper’ life, keep in mind that they are likely a tiny minority,” comments Phil Lawlor of Dormeo. “Also, keep in mind that half of our list is at least 7 hours a night, including Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey, so there are a lot of ultra-successful people who get plenty of .”

[Source: Domeo]

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