Sleep properly and cease loud night breathing with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask

If you are someone who snores you know all too well the ill effects of this. For starters, a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. disrupts the sleep cycle and makes it difficult to get through the night with uninterrupted sleep. can also be dangerous as it disrupts breathing.

isn’t just a problem for those affected. Your loved ones wear earplugs or sleep in another room to escape the thunderous noise.

Right now for our Cyber ​​Monday sale, you can get the Smart Snore Eye Mask for an additional 20% off the sale price at a final price of $ 51.99 with promo code CMSAVE20.

That’s a small fee for promising a good night’s sleep.

The anti-snoring eye mask works by detecting exactly when you start to snore and emitting small sound vibrations in 36 levels for subtle physical interventions. The 36 vibration levels work to stop or reduce snoring.

Over time, this mask will detect snoring sounds through speech recognition and bone conduction. It’s made of an ecological, soft, high-density sponge so that you barely notice it so you get the best sleep possible.

In its review of VVFly, the online publication Trend Hunter writes: “Those looking for a snoring solution will find the ‘Snore Circle’ to be one of the more advanced options when it comes to eliminating nighttime nuisance.”

This product comes with a companion app that gives you even more insight into your night’s sleep, as the Sleeplus app connects to the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask via a smartphone and visually displays snoring and sleep data.

Get back control of your sleep by purchasing the VVFLY anti-snoring eye mask now for $ 51.99 with code CMSAVE20.

Subject to price changes.

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