Sleep disorder: 4 clear indicators of Willis Ekbom illness when falling asleep

Known as Willis Ekbom disease, symptoms of the condition usually appear in the evening, when people are preparing for bed. In many cases, a flare-up does not begin until the person has just fallen asleep. For some people, an overwhelming urge to move about is followed by a respite when the person gets out of bed and extends their leg. RLS-UK explained that Restless Legs , as it is otherwise known, is the repetitive desire to move to stop uncomfortable or strange sensations.

Because the condition can significantly affect a person’s ability to sleep, it is known as a sleep disorder.

However, the legs are not the only parts of the body that can be affected; In fact, the disease can affect the arms, trunk, and head.

Restless legs can lead to long sleepless nights and daytime sleepiness, which affects the person’s ability to function from day to day.

The Sleep Foundation pointed out four revealing of Willis Ekbom disease (i.e. restless ).

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Willis Ekbom disease is characterized by throbbing, itchy, and painful legs at .

The condition also causes an intense desire to move your legs to get rid of uncomfortable feelings.

RLS-UK added that some people describe the experience as a “tingling sensation in the muscles that won’t stop”.

Some people say it has a “creepy-crawling” feeling or like there is bubbling water in the legs.


“The sensations typically begin or intensify when a person is in a relaxed state,” explained RLS-UK.

Symptoms tend to worsen when a person is in a confined space, e.g. B. on a cinema seat, a car or an airplane.

For example, to get relief from symptoms, some people may need to get up to get out of bed.

Others may need to massage or stretch the affected area if the sensations occur.

The health authority encourages those who have the condition to exercise regularly during the day, refrain from smoking, and maintain good sleep habits.

“If your symptoms are more severe, you may need medication to help regulate dopamine and iron levels in your body,” added the health department.

If you have restless legs syndrome and you want to do something about it, speak to your local doctor.

Restless Leg Syndrome UK (RLS-UK) is also an informative charity that provides more information on living with the disease.

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