Saudi folks sleep lower than regular

D+ D – normal size

A recent study warned that adults are sleeping less than the normal rate recommended for “men and women,” which can lead to health problems.

The study found that the average adult only sleeps about six and a half hours, which is less than the recommended number of hours of sleep per day. According to the newspaper Ogas.

dr Saad al-Sharif, adviser on breast diseases and sleep medicine (one of those responsible for the study), explained that this is less than the average sleep time in many countries around the world and emphasized the importance of sleep. For human health to avoid other health hazards.

Al-Sharif revealed that despite precautionary fatigue or insufficient sleep without fatigue, some people experience sudden drowsiness and sluggishness and dizziness. He explained that this is one of the health conditions that can cause side effects called “narcolepsy.” It is a chronic neurological disorder that naturally compresses the brain’s inability to control sleep and wake cycles and can affect normal people who have been without sleep for more than 24 hours and those who are actually affected. Do you suffer from sleep or insomnia at night, and there are many causes of this disease – according to al-Sharif – al-Sharif explained that sleep is based on two basic pillars, namely the amount, the number and the quality of sleep “sleep quality”. any imbalance in them that greatly impairs sleep in general.

There are many causes of increased sleepiness, the most important of which are late waking, insomnia, insufficient sleep at night, circadian rhythm disorders, restless legs, forced sleep, and use of certain allergy and stress medications.


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