Riz Ahmed shares his hack towards insomnia

Riz Ahmed has a great trick for getting a good night’s sleep – although he struggles to get through in rainy areas like his home in London. The actor, rapper, producer, and activist says he recently tried going outside for a daily dose of natural light first thing in the morning and another hit at sunset. It’s a practice borrowed from neurologist Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab podcast. Huberman, an associate professor at Stanford University, says morning sunlight – not artificial light – release cortisol, a hormone that can act as a wake-up call. Evening light can help adjust levels of melatonin, a hormone associated with sleep.

“I tried that a bit when I was in California. I have to say it worked for me, “says Ahmed, and adds:” Being outside after getting up. . . that is not a very tempting prospect for most of the year in the UK. “

When he has trouble sleeping, he admits that it’s often because he’s straying from everyday life. “I haven’t trained. I haven’t meditated. not me [write in my] Diary.”

Instead of rolling back and forth in frustration, Ahmed says he’s put up with the occasional sleepless night. “I kind of make peace with that [an occurance] a couple of nights a month, ”he says. “Maybe one way forward is to accept that.”

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