Newton ladies have a uncommon sleep disorder

NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – You’ve probably heard someone mutter how tired they’ve been over the course of a week. But the 51-year-old Newton woman Kristy Gottlob takes “tired” to a new level.

Thank goodness he’s an idiopathic hypersomniac. Idiopathic drugs cause unknown, hypersomnia means excessive drowsiness. The Sleep Health Foundation estimates that only one to two in 10,000 have the disorder.

One of her earliest memories of needing sleep comes from her high school days. She had a job at Braum. When traditional measures such as gentle waking, alarm clocks, and noise did not wake her to work, her mother had to resort to water.

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“The hardest thing I do every day is getting up,” said Praise God.

Some idiopathic hypersomniacs describe the disorder as if we were all cell phones, but those with IH have bad batteries. It doesn’t how long you charge them, they still have less than 5 percent battery capacity.

“Another way of describing it is that you will be anesthetized but then told to stay awake. That’s how we feel all day, “said thank God.

According to the Mayo Clinic, with IH can experience the need for sleep at any time. This also applies when driving or working, which makes IH potentially dangerous. Napping is generally not refreshing due to the exertion it takes to wake up.

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College was torture, thank God. Although she mostly got A and B grades in high school, just reading it is enough to get her to sleep. Her mother then passed away. After seeing a psychiatrist, most of her diagnoses revolved around depression.

After moving to Los Angeles, Gottlob received her first official IH diagnosis after undergoing a sleep study that measures how quickly you enter REM sleep.

“It rules out narcolepsy that is very similar, but there are still some differences. And it rules out other bad sleeping habits or vitamin deficiencies, ”said God, thank God.

Because IH is so rare, no drug is currently approved by the FDA for treatment.

She would be diagnosed one more time in her life, around the age of 35.

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“They prescribed Ritalin to help me stay awake during the day. But after a few years it built up my tolerance and lost its effect, “said God, thank God.

Gottlob says that many IH sufferers are dependent on disability benefits after they have missed so much work and been laid off from jobs. She reports that the employers’ understanding made a difference to her. But IH has undoubtedly affected their quality of life. She reports that the disorder can be isolating, forcing you to miss out on things in life.

“Before I adopted my children, I went to sleep on a Friday after work. And I wouldn’t get up to work until Monday morning. I’ve spent most of my 20s and 30s with it. “

Now, with two children in her house, thank God she has installed an Amazon Alexa in her two rooms to remind her to wake her mother. A Sonic Boom alarm clock comes complete with a piece that sits between your mattress and the box spring beds to wake you up. A friend calls to make sure God is awake.

For the week of awareness for sleep disorders, thank God that with a sleep disorder are not lazy, but often only fulfill what their body asks for: sleep.

“But at the same time, I want to try to do so many of these things because the guilty feeling can come from knowing you’ve slept all day … Fear, depression, all of that can be used by IH people. You lose so much quality of life as a result, “said God, thank God.

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