More kids turning overweight, affected by sleep apnea, NASH, and different problems


Case 1: A 10-year-old boy weighs about 70 kg owing to obesity. He not only faces social problems but he is also suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. He is one of the youngest patients who are suffering from obesity and its complications.

Case 2: A 9-year old boy is suffering from obesity and is suffering from Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH). He is undergoing treatment but facing many physical and social issues.

Over 200 billion dollars are being spent by the United States of America to treat obesity and its complications. There is no such data available in our but the situation is worse due to rapidly increasing cases especially in children.

“Every fifth person is suffering from obesity across the globe and the number is no less in India. Moreover, a person can be said obese if his BMI is over 25 in our but it is considered obese on above 30 BMI in other countries. We get complications due to obesity about 10 years before our western counterparts like they suffer from hypertension in the age of 45 than Indians suffer with the same problem In the age of 35 years,” Endocrinologist Dr Sandeep Julka said.

The warned that obesity is also the reason for 20 percent of cancer cases and it requires immediate action.

“This year’s theme for World Obesity Day is ‘Everybody Needs to Act’ and here everybody is referred to as people of all ages including children. Cases are increasing by at least 20 percent every year,” Dr Julka said adding “Prevention of obesity is possible with some lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, and changes.’

Ways to prevent obesity

1 Diet: Don’t eat junk food. Keep your plate colorful with the fruits as more colors mean a more healthy plate.

2 Exercise: Everybody must do exercise for at least 45 minutes every day even if it is a walk or run.

3 changes: It is important part in preventing obesity as people must stop bringing junk food and stuff to homes which decreases the consumption while every family member must motivate the obese one to lose weight and get healthy.

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Published on: Thursday, March 03, 2022, 11:06 PM IST

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