A man shared how he talks in his , and his girlfriend then interrogated him while he was , to which he answered all her questions, while sleeping.

Here is the story

GF interrogated me in my

I’ve always had this weird disorder that makes me talk a lot in my . sleep talking is relatively common and its not a huge issue.

the problem is if someone asks me a simple yes/no question while I’m sleep talking, I will give them a completely honest answer, and wake up with a vague recollection of it the next morning (longer answers turn into gibberish or make me wake up)

I’ve seen doctors about it and they were totally confused and told me they couldn’t help me. this has always caused problems for me with relatives, sisters, parents etc taking advantage of it.

well my GF recently moved in with me and took advantage of it. she barraged with all sorts of questions… asked me if I have STDs, if I smoke, if I’ve ever gotten someone pregnant and made them get an abortion, if I’m seeing someone else, if I’ve ever paid for intercourse (lol)

looks like I gave her all the right answers because she’s still with me. she doesn’t seem to realize I remember what happened.

I think this is a huge breach of trust but breaking up over a sleep disorder sounds stupid, not to mention she could just deny everything.

Btw she has already asked me some of those questions before, I guess she wanted to make sure I wasn’t lying. what would you do?

yes I’m aware of this sounds ridiculous

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