Man licks girlfriend’s face to cease her from snoring| Man stops girlfriend from snoring by licking her face

A man has found a bizarre way of stopping his from snoring. | Photo Credit: iStock Images

Do you get woken up by your partner’s snores in the middle of the night? While most people move their partner to bring them out of their deep sleep or just kick them, a man has found a rather bizarre hack to his from snoring. Hey licks her face!

Jason Graham and Sharnie Bright-Penny, who have been together for seven months were having sleepless nights, thanks to snoring and sleep-talking.

Jason had tried several methods to Sharnie’s snores but failed. He finally discovered that when he licked her face, she rolled over away from him and got quiet. This finally allowed Jason to get a good night’s sleep.

“Her snoring sounds like a deep growl. I was determined to find something that shuts her up. She had rolled over several times in her sleep snoring in my ear,” Jason was quoted as saying by LADbible.

“I rolled her over and she rolled back onto me and carried on snoring in my ear. When that didn’t work, I decided to try a hug and roll,” he said.

Man Licks Girlfriend's Face To Cease Her From Snoring|  Man Stops Girlfriend From Snoring By Licking Her Face

Sadly, nothing worked.

As a last resort, Jason licked her face. And it worked like magic!

Sharnie had no idea that her partner was her face. She thought her face was wet due to dribbling in her sleep.

One night when Sharnie was sleeping over at a friend’s place and was kept awake by her pal talking in sleep, Jason admitted his unusual method to stop her from snoring.

“I hadn’t suspected anything. I’ve woken up with a wet face but I’ve always thought that was me dribbling while I was asleep, but obviously it wasn’t,” Sharnie said, adding, “I asked him if he was going to keep doing it and his reply to that question was ‘no comment’, so I’m guessing he will.”

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