Lack of sleep can result in stroke, coronary heart assault and melancholy

deprivation is often with leniency. In general, too little robs us of the energy we need to do our jobs effectively. Some people feel sleepy during the day after a good night’s . However, according to experts, it can have a number of additional negative effects.

according to dr With MS Kanwar, those who don’t get enough sleep or oversleep are at risk of developing conditions such as anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood pressure. according to dr Kanwar, you can suffer a heart attack or stroke if you don’t get enough sleep. If the problem is not addressed, the consequences can be deadly.

according to dr Kanwar blames Covid-19 for people’s disrupted sleeping habits over the past two years. People have constantly worried about contracting COVID-19. This concern was followed by fears of massive deaths due to COVID. This worry and terror disrupted sleep, and many people were with depression as a result.

Normally, sleep is completed in four stages of NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement). according to dr Kanwar requires a person 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep. Beyond those times, the condition is referred to as “drowsy,” because the person feels drowsy even after a good night’s sleep, says Dr. Kanwar. People with problems like obesity generally struggle with these problems.

The following diseases can indicate oversleeping:

sleep apnea: Breathing stops and starts regularly with this problem. You might face this problem if you still feel tired after getting enough sleep.

narcolepsy: People diagnosed with this neurological disorder often experience insomnia during the day.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia: People suffering from this neurological disorder feel very tired during their daytime activities.

according to dr Kunwar, the problem of undersleeping can be ignored for once. Although, as he said, the problem of oversleeping cannot be ignored.

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