Infant sleep apnea signs: Young mum shares warning indicators after her new child chokes on milk and stops respiration

A young mum is warning parents to watch their baby’s breathing patterns after her newborn almost choked to death.

Olivia Jenkins’ daughter, Charlotte Edwards, choked on breast milk as a newborn and stopped breathing.

See more about Charlotte’s condition in the video above

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“Things started to escalate quite quickly,” Ms Jenkins told 7NEWS.

“I picked her up and brought her to my chest and she projectile vomited all over me.

“I then brought her back down to check her again quickly and I just remember seeing her struggle and choke but she was making no noise – that’s when I knew we were really in trouble.

“She went limp, she started to change colour.”

Charlotte choked on milk as a newborn. Credit: 7NEWS

Ms Jenkins performed CPR on her daughter before paramedics turned up.

While doctors initially told Ms Jenkins nothing was wrong with Charlotte, and the incident was a simple case of BRUE – a brief resolved unexplained event when an infant younger than one stops breathing – the young mum persisted.

She was later with Laryngomalacia – a soft or floppy voice box – which can block a child’s airways.

Little Charlotte was also with infant sleep apnea.

Since then, the little girl has been reliant on oxygen.

“If Charlotte wasn’t picked up for these issues early on, there is every chance that she could’ve passed away while sleeping,” Ms Jenkins said.

Infant Sleep Apnea Signs: Young Mum Shares Warning Indicators After Her New Child Chokes On Milk And Stops RespirationCharlotte now relies on oxygen. Credit: 7NEWS

Charlotte is now being closely monitored and won’t need oxygen soon.

“Seeing her cute little chubby cheeks without any oxygen tubes on is going to be amazing,” Ms Jenkins added.

It’s hoped the problem will disappear as Charlotte grows.

Doctors want all parents to report breathing issues in their children.

“We don’t like low oxygen levels in terms of developing brains and developing hearts,” Monash Children’s Sleep Center Associate Professor Margot Davey said.

Charlotte was diagnosed with laryngomalacia and infant sleep apnea. - Infant Sleep Apnea Signs: Young Mum Shares Warning Indicators After Her New Child Chokes On Milk And Stops RespirationCharlotte was with laryngomalacia and infant sleep apnea. Credit: 7NEWS

Symptoms of breathing problems include mouth breathing, pausing for breath, gasping for air, snorting, choking or coughing.

“If you have a child or baby with their mouth open all the time – that could be another factor,” she said.

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