Dr Rodríguez, the youngest skilled in Sleep Medicine in Spain and the one ENT specialist to acquire the excellence in Andalusia

dr Laura Rodriguez.

  • The specialist doctor is part of the team of of the ENT Unit of Quirónsalud Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar
  • In addition to this achievement, Dr Laura Rodríguez Alcalá is the author of research studies that have been published in international highly-influential scientific journals

Not only did the doctor meet all the demanding requirements to obtain her distinction, but she can be proud to have done so at an exceptionally early age. At the age of 29, Dr Laura Rodriguez Alcala has become the youngest expert in Sleep Medicine in Spain and the only ENT specialist to obtain the distinction in Andalusia.

Dr Rodríguez, who works in the ENT Unit of Quironsalud Marbella other Campo de Gibraltar hospitals states that she feels “greatly motivated” and encourages her professional colleagues “to obtain the distinction in Sleep Medicine as it is a useful way to complement and streamline our specialty in this field”.

In order to receive her award, Dr Rodriguez was required to take the theoretical and practical test that is organized annually by the Spanish Federation of Sleep Medicine Associations (FEMES¸ in its Spanish abbreviation). “This distinction proves that the recipient has experience in the diagnosis and management of the medical disorders taking place while sleeping, disorders that disrupt sleep time or conditions affected by disorders of the sleep-wake cycle.

We must also be able to prove our ability to analyze and interpret polysomnography and be familiar with the most up-to-date research, as well as the clinical and medical activities being conducted at the sleep unit”, explains the expert.

The name of Dr Rodríguez stands out again in this last area, as she is the author of two research studies that have been accepted and published by international highly influential scientific journals (Q1). The young expert points out the encouragement of her colleagues from the Unit as one of the motivating factors in the accomplishment of these studies.

“The ENT team at Quironsalud Marbella other Campo de Gibraltarheaded by Dr Carlos O’Connor Reina other Juan Carlos Casado Morentehas been contributing to science with numerous publications of scientific impact in various fields of expertise and, specifically, in Sleep Medicine (9 publications), with an app used as a therapy tool for Sleep Apnea (AirwayGym), as well as a doctoral dissertation on the effects of oropharyngeal exercising on sleep apnea, the last of which I feel particularly proud of as the author.

Many of the media have publicized our work and this recognition has traveled within the national territory and abroad. Also, the study recently headed by Doctor Carlos O’Connor on myofunctional therapy in sleep apnea received this year the award of the Spanish ENT Association for the best Clinical Essay to be published in a scientific journal”, as she details.

The sleep pattern of 40% of the population is inadequate

Lack of sleep is one of the most habitual problems of the current population. According to the data offered by the World Health Organization (WHO), 40% of the population has an inadequate sleep pattern which affects adults and children alike. In fact, the specialists warn that children insomnia is increasingly popular due to the use of technologies with other cases with existing patterns of fragile sleep.

In these cases, Dr Rodriguez explains that the solution starts with “teaching children to sleep, using tools to reinforce specific behaviors at bed time and to consolidate an adequate sleep hygiene”.

The most frequent sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, parasomnias and narcolepsy.

Visit your specialist when you suspect you may suffer from a sleep disorder

dr Rodriguez insists that sleeping well provides quality of life and is associated to good health. “Non-restful or insufficient sleep has important consequences for the person’s wellbeing, their professional performance and social interactions (changeable mood); while lack of proper sleep has also been associated with metabolic disorders (obesity), , cognitive impairment, an insufficient response of the immune system, and the recent association with a prognosis of malignant tumor pathologies,” says the Dr.

Our specialist recommends a visit to specialist professionals when anyone suspects they may suffer from a sleep disorder. An initial consultation with a specialist draw the road map for this multidisciplinary medical unit to initiate the relevant protocols subject to the clinical circumstances of each , and schedule a sequence of medical appointments for your follow-up. This protocol will help you obtain excellent medical assistance.

Quironsalud in Andalusia

The Quirónsalud hospital group currently has eight hospitals in the following cities of Andalusia: Malaga, Marbella, Los Barrios (Cadiz), three in Seville (Sagrado Corazón, Infanta Luisa, Materno-Infantil), Cordoba and Huelva, in addition to 18 medical centres with specialties and diagnostic units and an outpatient surgical hospital, which make it a leading private hospital in this region.

About Quironsalud

Quirónsalud is the leading hospital group in Spain and also in Europe, together with its parent company, ie Fresenius-Helios. Apart from its activities in Spain, Quirónsalud is also present in Latin America, particularly in Colombia and Peru. Altogether, the group has over 40,000 professionals in over 125 medical centres, which include 54 hospitals offering approximately 8,000 hospital beds. The group has the most advanced technologies and a highly specialized team of professionals of international reputation. Its centers include Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital, Teknon Medical Centre, Ruber Internacional, Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital, Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital, Dexeus University Hospital, Gipuzkoa Multidisciplinary Clinic, General de Catalunya University Hospital, Quirónsalud Sagrado Corazón Hospital, etc.

Our group is committed to the promotion of teaching (eight of its hospitals are university hospitals) and medical-scientific research centers (we own the FJD Medical Research Institute, which was authorized by the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation).

Likewise, the group’s medical service is organized in cross-functional units and networks that enable to optimize the experience accumulated at the various centers and the transfer of their medical research. Quirónsalud is currently conducting numerous research projects in Spain and many of its medical centers are performing cutting-edge work, with some being pioneers in various specialties, including oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, gynaecology and neurology.

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