Can’t Fall Asleep at Night| Try These Mental Tricks to Beat Insomnia And Calm Your Mind

People sometimes joke about sleeping being their favorite hobby. However, only very few of us are aware that so many people suffer from a sleeping disorder. Sleep is an aspect of human life. The way you can’t survive without food, water, or oxygen, the same way you even can’t survive without getting enough sleep. People are struggling to get proper sleep in the recent past and this is exposing them to a lot of diseases. Not only do they expose their body to so many diseases, but their day-to-day lives are also negatively affected as they are not able to work with full and senses. Can you expect a machine to operate continuously without proper oiling or rest? No right. If you can’t expect a machine to operate then how can we expect the human body to function at its best without rest? Those without sleep feel lazy, tired all the time, devoid of control over their bodies, and when they rush to take some rest, their bodies refuses to corporate. Even though this may not sound very dangerous, there are those who are incapable of sleeping and this is the most difficult phase in their life. But the bigger question is why is it happening?Also Read – Viral Video: Baby Elephant Refuses To Sleep, Adorable Video Will Remind You of Your Childhood | Watch

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People are prone to sleeping disorders for various reasons, but the most common cause is life occurrences that are stressful or upsetting. The reason may begin here, but if not treated, it could lead to something more serious. Also Read – 12 Bad Health Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

Changes in the brain:

There is no consensus on the reason for it but experts and researchers believe it may be connected to changes in the brain. As a result, the body’s circadian rhythm (body clock) is disrupted, making day and night difficult to distinguish.

Medical problems:

Some health issues and medications can impact your sleep to a great extent. The following are some of the most common signs and symptoms:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Frequently walking during the night
  • Night wandering
  • Daytime napping

Mental tricks can help you fall asleep faster:

  • Trick your brain – Tell yourself that you’re attempting to stay awake for a few minutes instead of trying to fall asleep. If a dark, silent bedroom makes your thoughts race, try listening to a low-volume audiobook or podcast, or visualizing soothing activities in your head to divert your away from sleep.
  • Try to stay awake and meditate: Try staying awake instead of taking naps in between, during the day, and meditating. Meditation calms your body and deep breathing allows you to relax. Taking off your mind from sleep and engaging it in some other activity will allow your mind to shift focus rather than just thinking about your sleep timings again and again. Once you stop taking naps in between your sleep pattern will improve and very slowly you will start completing your sleep in one go.
  • Completely avoid the use of gadgets: Using your gadgets during your sleep time has a very negative impact on your quality of sleep. Try finishing all your work off the bed and then sleep. People keeping mobile beside them are not even aware that negative radiations from mobile affect their health. Try traditional methods like reading, sketching, or simply drawing instead to keep yourself engaged till sleep hits you. It’s very that you keep control of your sleep cycle. It’s very important for health.

(Inputs by Dr Jalpa Bhuta, consultant- a psychiatrist at Global Hospital, Mumbai)

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