Boyfriend makes use of a weird hack to cease his girlfriend from snoring

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There is literally NOTHING worse than trying to fall asleep when you live with a loud snore.

And maybe you’ve tried all of the methods, from nasal strips to chin straps, to sleeping on your side and even abstaining from alcohol, all without joy.

But maybe there is one more thing you haven’t tried that actually .

Jason Lee, 22, has revealed that his girlfriend Sharnie Bright-Penny drove him absolutely crazy with her intense snoring at night, but unfortunately his efforts to get her to stop have failed.

Until he took things to a whole new level and started licking his girlfriend’s face just to get her to stop for the last time. And did it work? Apparently so.

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According to Tyla, Jason of West Cumbria, UK said, “Your snoring sounds like a low growl. I was determined to find something that would make her quit. She turned around several times in her sleep and snored in my ear. “

He continued, “I turned her over and she rolled back on top of me and continued to snore in my ear. When that didn’t work, I decided to hug it and roll over. I then decided to blow on her face and then as a last resort I just licked her face and it worked. I laughed because it was so stupid, but I’m pretty glad I found a solution. “

“I’ve been doing it for a week. Usually their snoring wakes me up so I try to get back to sleep, but the snoring keeps me awake as it’s right in my ear, ”he concluded.

Regarding the strange technique, his girlfriend Sharnie admitted, “I didn’t suspect anything. I woke up with a wet face, but I always thought I was dribbling in my sleep, but obviously it wasn’t. He claims he tried everything to silence me but nothing had worked and it got to the point where he tried everything and licking my face was the only thing that worked. “

“I honestly find it hilarious,” she continued. “The fact that he was so sick of my snoring and constant cuddling and that was the only way I could get me to quit. I’ve honestly never heard of it – this is a first. I usually only hear from people who.” Pushing her partner away. I just couldn’t stop laughing. “

“I asked him if he would continue to do this and his answer to that question was ‘no comment’ so I suspect he will.

Do you know anyone who might need to, um, fall back on that?

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