The Best facility for Insomnia in Colonial Heights VA

What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?
Snoring that is audible to disrupt others.
Waking up gasping or choking.
Noticeable recurring stops of breathing during sleep.
Extreme daytime sleepiness, triggering one to fall asleep while functioning, seeing tv or perhaps driving an automobile.

For milder situations of obstructive sleep apnea, your medical professional might suggest way of living modifications:
Slim down if you\’re obese.
Workout frequently.
Consume alcohol reasonably, if at all, as well as do not consume alcohol numerous hours before going to bed.
Quit smoking cigarettes.
Utilize a nasal decongestant or allergic reaction medications.
Do not sleep on your back.

What happens with untreated sleep apnea?
If left neglected, sleep apnea can raise the danger of illness, consisting of Hypertension. Stroke. Cardiac arrest, irregular heart beats, as well as cardiac arrest.