Beware, many take these medicine like sweet however they may trigger listening to impairment, complications and insomnia

Over-the-counter drugs have worked wonders to improve everyone’s daily life. How many times have we taken drugs such as aspirin, tachipirina or ibuprofen to remedy pains, fevers or states of discomfort? If we didn’t have these drugs available, our quality of life would certainly be worse.

But by now we are so used to these substances that we forget that even the most common drugs could have side effects and some of these effects could even be serious. In particular, some over-the-counter medications may, if used excessively, cause ailments such as , sleep problems, and even hearing loss. But let’s see what drugs it is in detail.

An American study testifies to hearing damage

A study published in the American of Epidemiology brings us some bad news. Acetylsalicylic acid, if taken in large quantities and for a long time, could contribute to hearing loss and . That’s right: this drug, which many of us take often, would not be without serious side effects. Other side effects of acetylsalicylic acid could be visual disturbances, , drowsiness or, on the contrary, insomnia. The most frequent side effects can be stomach ailments such as heartburn, nausea and gastritis.

Beware, many take these drugs like candy but they could cause hearing impairment, and insomnia

The American scholars examined 55,850 patients, analyzing the frequency and quantity of acetylsalicylic acid consumed. The results speak for themselves: frequent use of this analgesic, and others, would be associated with an increased risk of hearing loss.

Scientists suspect that too frequent or prolonged use of these drugs could be one of the contributing factors to the hearing loss that occurs in many patients, especially at an older age. This is why acetylsalicylic acid, like all medications, shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

Beware of taking medication without medical supervision

Many times we think we can go it alone and take the initiative to take medication. From an occasional one, this habit can become chronic, and we often don’t realize that virtually all medications could have unwelcome and sometimes even serious side effects. So beware, many take these drugs like candy, not realizing that they could have consequences.
Acetylsalicylic acid is certainly useful for fighting mild to moderate pain, such as flu symptoms, toothache or headache and fever. But we should always take it under the advice of the doctor.

Another caveat: Many people who take blood pressure medications don’t know they shouldn’t consume this winter fruit.

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