2022’s Best CBD Oil for Sleep: Top 5 CBD Brands to Get Hemp Oil for Sleep and Insomnia | Buy CBD Drops from Online Stores Near Me

Sleep is something people should not take for granted because it is our body’s natural way of healing itself. The only way to recover from illness is to rest because our body does most of its repairing in our sleep. So, if you cannot sleep, you cannot maintain good health.

A lot of people have sleep problems and there are a lot of people who consider ‘not sleeping well’ as being fine when in reality, all this does is hinder your body’s ability to be healthy. Let me ask you a few questions now:

Have you ever had a night where you just spent the whole time tossing and turning and were unable to get restful sleep? Have you woken up multiple times in the night for seemingly no reason? Or maybe you have a hard time closing your eyes when all you want to do is go to sleep.

This article aims to inform you about which CBD brand to use when you want to use the best CBD oil for sleep.

Top 5 Brands offering CBD Oil for Sleep Disorders

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Oil for Sleep On The Market
  2. BudPop: Strongest CBD Drops to Help with Sleep and Insomnia
  3. Cheef Botanicals: Most Popular Sleep CBD Oil with Hemp Extracts
  4. Hollyweed CBD: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Tincture for Sale
  5. Fab CBD: Effective CBD Tinctures to Improve Sleep Cycles

#1 Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Oil for Sleep On The Market

Background on Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is a company that sells cannabis in California, and they partner with all organic hemp farms exclusively. Exhale Wellness gets all of its hemp plant extracts from a hemp farm located in Colorado. The hemp farm in Colorado extracts everything using the CO2 method.

The team that makes up Exhale Wellness consists of cultivators, researchers, and enthusiasts. Having twenty years of experience in the organic food industry, they are well aware of what needs to be done in order to provide consumers with truly organic CBD products.

Exhale wellness features the highest-grade Delta-8 products on the market. Exhale wellness has been featured in Forbes, the LA Times, the Ministry of Hemp, LA Weekly, and the Observer.


Exhale Wellness has this philosophy that nature holds the key to wellness. Exhale wellness aims to help their consumers restore their natural stability and balance by educating those they encounter about natural alternatives and striving to create all-natural products.


Some of the highlights of Exhale wellness include some of the following

  • All CBD oils that Exhale Wellness has to offer are made up of hemp seed oil and CBD extract
  • Exhale wellness makes sure that all of its products are non-dairy, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no artificial colors and flavors
  • Exhale Wellness features the highest rated Delta-8 products on the market
  • Exhale Wellness has been recognized as credible by being featured in Forbes, the LA Times, the LA Weekly, and the observer
  • Exhale Wellness has been featured in the Ministry of Hemp; a source dedicated to cannabis plants.
  • Exhale Wellness gets all of their hemp products by using the CO2 extraction method


  • Exhale Wellness sticks to its motto by providing its consumers with the safest products by making sure that they were obtained in the safest way possible. The CO2 method of extraction involves air under pressure so that there are no contaminated traces of solvent in their products.
  • Exhale Wellness sticks to its motto by providing Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Exhale Wellness sticks to its motto by providing Third-party lab testing with results available for viewing
  • Exhale Wellness sticks to its motto by providing all-natural products


  • There are no direct reviews showing under the Exhale Wellness Full spectrum CBD oil product yet.
  • Exhale Wellness does not make any products containing pure CBD isolate extracts alone.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2 BudPop: Strongest CBD Drops to Help with Sleep and Insomnia

2022’s Best CBD Oil For Sleep: Top 5 CBD Brands To Get Hemp Oil For Sleep And Insomnia | Buy CBD Drops From Online Stores Near Me

Background on Bud Pop

BudPop was founded in 2021, making it still fairly new to the hemp industry. Although they are newer, Bud Pop has been focused on providing the best delta-8 CBD products on the market and they are now experts in delta-8 CBD. All hemp used in the creation of Bud Pop products has been sourced from a farm in Nevada using the CO2 method of extraction.


Bud Pop has a goal that requires them to teach people about hemp to ensure those that use Bud Pop products are fully informed on what hemp is all about.

From seed to the growing hemp plant, harvesting, the processing of hemp, the packaging material they choose and lastly, the customer’s experiences the entire cannabis process was examined, and the founders of BudPop did not like what they saw, so they chose to do something about it hence the creation of Bud Pop.


  • BudPop offers a Peppermint tincture and natural CBD tinctures which are made almost the same as CBD oils.
  • The team at Bud Pop are Delta-8 CBD experts
  • Bud Pop uses full-spectrum CBD


  • Bud Pop offers free Shipping on all orders
  • All of the Bud Pop products are non-GMO
  • Bud Pop gets their hemp by using the CO2 method of extraction
  • Third-party lab testing results are available on the Bud Pop website and are easy to find and view.


  • Bud Pop only offers CBD tinctures and not oils
  • BudPop could improve on the customer service department.
  • BudPop could benefit from improving educational knowledge
  • Bud Pop does not offer any products containing CBD isolate
  • The third-part labs do not show what Bud Pop uses to flavor the peppermint tincture

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3 Cheef Botanicals: Most Popular Sleep CBD Oil with Hemp Extracts

2022’s Best CBD Oil For Sleep: Top 5 CBD Brands To Get Hemp Oil For Sleep And Insomnia | Buy CBD Drops From Online Stores Near Me

Background on Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals is a well-known company that has been operating in the hemp industry for a while and that only sells all-natural hemp products. Cheef Botanicals is located in California, but their hemp products and extracts come from a farm in Colorado. The farm Cheef Botanicals uses high standards of caring for their plants.

All full spectrum hemp extracts from the farm in Colorado are extracted using the CO2 method, which involves pressurized air. With over 25 – years of experience in the organic food industry, as a team, Cheef Botanicals made it their goal to provide health conscious-plant-based CBD products, which they had felt were lacking.


  • Cheef Botanicals makes it their mission to bring back the balance in life by using healthy and all-natural alternatives. Cheef Botanicals take pride in providing products that are Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and no artificial colors or flavors because it reflects their mission


  • Cheef botanicals are Knowledgeable in the organic food industry and consumer market with years of experience
  • Cheef Botanicals has a CBD Awareness Blog
  • You are offered a rewards program when you create an account with Cheef Botanicals.
  • BBB is also known as the Better Business Bureau. Accreditation from BBB has been given to Cheef Botanicals hemp dispensary.
  • Cheef Botanicals offer several different types of partnership programs which include an affiliate program, a wholesale program, a private label program, and a white label program


  • Cheef Botanicals is Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and no artificial colors or flavors
  • Cheef Botanicals offer third-party lab test results for each of their products right on their website
  • Cheef Botanicals use the CO2 method of extraction


  • Cannot access some of the links in the website menu. The guide’s section does not contain any information; instead, it just has an error page.
  • Cannot access the ‘about cheef’ section on the mobile site

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

#4 Hollyweed CBD: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Tincture for Sale

2022’s Best CBD Oil For Sleep: Top 5 CBD Brands To Get Hemp Oil For Sleep And Insomnia | Buy CBD Drops From Online Stores Near Me

About Holly Weed CBD

Hollyweed CBD is a company in the hemp industry, and they sell hemp products in California. Holly Weed makes sure that its hemp products are all-natural and are extracted only by using the CO2 method. The all-organic farm they source their hemp from is located in Colorado.


Hollyweed CBD strongly believes in the harmony and restoration of the six pillars of wellness.

  • Spiritual wellness
    • Spiritual Wellness is like your inner wellness. It involves anything that gives you purpose and whatever brings you peace.
  • Physical wellness
    • Physical Wellness involves the way that you care for your body. You contribute to physical wellness, you are bringing positive energy by releasing toxins. This can take place in the form of nutrition, physical activity, getting medical care to maintain health, and your overall sense of vitality.
  • Intellectual wellness
    • Intellectual wellness is important for keeping your healthy. Brain health requires you to strive for optimal learning skills, your ability to solve problems, and your ability to make informed decisions. You can contribute to your Intellectual wellness by being flexible and willing to learn new skills.
  • Emotional wellness
    • Emotional wellness consists of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns. You achieve emotional wellness by learning to listen to your internal being and not shut yourself out from yourself. Recognizing and accepting your thoughts and feelings is key to emotional wellness.
  • Environmental wellness
    • Environmental wellness makes me think of earth-day. Earth-day is intended to shed light on the state of our environment and the lack of care that the earth has been given. Emotional wellness can be as simple as recycling instead of throwing everything in the trash. Although recycling is simple, it symbolizes respecting the earth and recognizing your initiative to protect the environment.
  • Social wellness
    • Social Wellness refers to having an adequate social life that accommodates your need to be social. Some examples of social wellness are participating in community events, hanging out with friends, or meeting someone new


  • Hollyweed CBD only offers high-grade CBD and delta-8 created using all naturally grown and harvested hemp products
  • Holly weed CBD offers Third-party lab test results on their product
  • Holly Weed CBD offers a Dosage chart to ensure you know how much you are supposed to take
  • Holly weed CBD offers an affiliate program


  • Hollyweed CBD offers Full-spectrum CBD oils
  • CBD rich strains are an important part of HollyWeed CBD products
  • CO2 method of extraction ensuring all-natural hemp is used


  • Hollyweed does not incorporate CBD isolate into their products

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

#5 Fab CBD: Effective CBD Tinctures to Improve Sleep Cycles

2022’s Best CBD Oil For Sleep: Top 5 CBD Brands To Get Hemp Oil For Sleep And Insomnia | Buy CBD Drops From Online Stores Near Me

Background on Fab CBD

Fab CBD is a company located in Wisconsin that has been participating in the hemp industry since 2017. Fab CBD is focused on research and the accuracy of each individual product they sell. Fab CBD has partnered with a hemp farm in Colorado that only uses natural ways to farm the hemp.

The Colorado farm extracts substances from the hemp plant by using the CO2 method which involves pressurizing air. One of the unique attributes of Fab CBD is the deep appreciation it has for nature, which contributes to its goal of providing all-natural organically good hemp.

Fab CBD believes in the power of choosing to live a preventative wellness lifestyle. In order to encourage people to live a preventative wellness lifestyle, they need to offer affordable yet quality hemp products.


Fab CBD is focused on a preventative wellness lifestyle by providing healthy products, educating the community, and giving back to the community by giving some of the proceeds to charity


  • Fab CBD offers full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Fab CBD features a CBD affiliate program
  • Fab CBD offers CBD oil potencies of 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg.
  • Fab CBD has Multiple CBD oil flavors of CBD oil to choose from which include
  • Citrus CBD oil
  • Mint CBD oil
  • Natural CBD oil
  • Berry CBD oil
  • Vanilla CBD oil
  • All Fab CBD oils come with a glass dropper built into the cap of the oil container.
  • Fab CBD gives Three-step easy instructions for using and handling all of their CBD oils
  • Fab CBD runs a CBD Blog
  • Fab CBD has been featured in Forbes, the Ministry of Hemp, La Weekly, News Week, and the Business Insider
  • Fab CBD offers a Subscribe and saves 20%
  • Fab CBD has its third-party lab testing results available on its website


  • Fab CBD offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee.
  • Fab CBD offers Step-by-step instructions on how to use and store CBD oil
  • Includes a glass dropper in the bottle
  • CO2 method of extraction
  • Fab CBD offers five CBD oil flavors to choose from which include citrus, berry, mint, vanilla, and natural


  • Fab CBD does not pay the return shipping
  • Shipping fab CBD products can take a long time

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Fab CBD

How We Made This List of Hemp Oil for Sleep Aid

Unlike many articles these days, this article was written with the intention to be based on solid research. You will find five companies below that we feel meet our criteria for being credible companies in the hemp industry.

  • Where Did the Hemp the Company Uses Come From?

This is an important factor because you want to know exactly what you are buying. The best brands are extracted from organic farms using the CO2 method.

A farm that is not organic could very well be using the solvent extraction method, which involves using a bunch of chemicals to kill the parts of the plant they don’t want. It is harmful to the environment, but there is no way of knowing what kind of chemicals they are using.

Obviously, an honest company is the only company that you want to buy from. Ways to know that they are honest is if they are willing to show third-party lab results on their products.

  • Are They Promoted by Reputable Sources?

Reputation is everything in the business world, which is why it is important to look through reviews and check out other brands they may partner with so you can get a feel for how they are really doing.

Reputable sources such as Forbes or others will not want to associate with a dishonest company. Therefore, they do a lot of research to make sure the brands they promote are legitimate. If these reputable sources do not do their research, then their business is then going to be at risk of losing its reputation.

What You Should Know Before Buying CBD Oil Tinctures

Know the Industry you choose to buy from

It is very easy for people these days not to tell the truth by not saying anything. This portrays the mindset that if you don’t say something, it is not there or didn’t happen, even though it exists. Some way to avoid this intended misconception is to make sure the Hemp company you use is legitimate and honest.

In order to make sure the hemp company is legitimate; you need to check for viewable third-party lab results. Then you need to check out their reputation or who they tend to associate themselves with. Lastly, check how honest they are about the benefits of hemp.

Benefits of CBD oil for sleep

Some of the following are potential benefits (potential meaning there has not been enough research done to make it a fact quite yet).

  • Taking CBD oil helps your body relax. This can possibly relieve pain, reduce mental health symptoms, and potentially help cancer patients cope with symptoms. Taking CBD oil may also protect the nervous system, benefit heart health, and aid in substance abuse treatment.
  • Check out the authorization of Epidiolex to be used in the treatment of seizures.
  • Relaxation is the key to a good night’s sleep.
  • It has been that CBD communicates with other systems—via cannabinoid receptors located throughout your central and peripheral nervous systems—to keep your temperature, mood, appetite, motor control, inflammation, and more all within a healthy range.
  • Another benefit of hemp oil is that it boosts testosterone levels in the male body.

Side effects

Most things can seem like a double-edged sword at times. With all benefits comes the possibility of side effects, especially when it comes to what your body ingests. You will find a list of the potential side effects of consuming CBD oil.

  • There is a potential of getting a dry mouth while taking CBD. A dry mouth often leaves a nasty taste in your mouth that some might consider a metallic taste
  • Another potential side effect of CBD or CBD oil is Low blood pressure.
  • Consuming CBD or CBD oil may cause a Lightheaded feeling and/or dizziness.
  • CBD or CBD oil can cause drowsiness and/or fatigue. This is why people take it before bed to help them sleep.
  • CBD or CBD oils can cause Changes in your appetite and weight

Risks associated with consuming CBD

  • Cross-contamination. This occurs when a company is not being honest about the way they handle their CBD oils. Sometimes THC is found in CBD oils that have not gone through the refining process, or maybe the label was wrong. this could also happen if the THC product was packaged on the same counter and at the same time the CCBD product was being packaged
  • Food poisoning can result if you do not take proper care of your CBD oil or use it after it expires.
  • Interactions with medication such as liver damage can occur as some medications do not react well when introduced to CBD.
  • Do not use any Hemp products if you have Parkinson’s’ disease (without your doctor’s approval), preexisting liver disease, if you are pregnant, or while breastfeeding
  • Children must be monitored closely by a medical professional when taking any CBD products. CBD in children is currently being researched, but not enough to deem it risk-free for children

Know your CBD lingo or Key-terms


  • CBD stands for the chemical compound Cannabidiol, and it is not intoxicating and does not contain any psychoactive component. In fact, it has been said that CBD might even counteract the effects of THC high. In addition, CBD is well known for its possible health benefits and positive outcomes in balancing the body’s system. CBD extract comes in the form of CBD Isolate, Full-spectrum CBD, and Broad-spectrum CBD. Learn more about the three differences below.


  • CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, makes up the majority of the Hemp plant and during its process of growing, it creates both CBD and THC compounds. CBG might make you feel a little weird because it is not psychoactive-free. CBG is also a newer compound extracted from a hemp plant that researchers are still studying.


  • The acronym THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is commonly referred to as Delta – 9. This is the popular psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. So, when someone wants to get stoned, they want THC.


  • Delta – 8 is a very similar compound to delta-9, but there are some differences. Although both are psychoactive, Delta-8 creates a significantly more mild high than Delta-9.

Full-spectrum CBD

  • Full-spectrum CBD is CBD that has not gone through a refining process. This form of CBD contains traces of THC. This is because it reacts to the endocannabinoid system.

Broad-spectrum CBD

  • Broad-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids along with CBD with possible traces of THC. It is thought to be in the middle of Full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate because it has more to it than just the CBD compound.

CBD isolate

  • Cannabidiol isolate or CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. It goes through a refining process that strips it from any other cannabinoids. The refining process it goes through leaves nothing but the CBD isolate, making it solely CBD isolate. CBD isolate is perfect for those who do not want anything to do with THC. Isolates work by reacting to natural cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The CBD Extraction Processes

  • Extraction processes are how we are able to separate the different compounds in a cannabis or hemp plant. Extraction of the compound is done by creating a chemical reaction that forces the compounds within the plant to separate. This can be achieved in two ways: either by using a solvent under pressure or CO2 under pressure.

In other words, extraction by using a chemical solvent under pressure or air in the form of CO2 under pressure. When choosing the solvent extraction, it is to be expected that it is most likely created with butane, propane, or ethanol as the solvent.

FAQs: Best CBD Oil

Q1. Can CBD oil cause insomnia?

Yes, but usually, it’s a result of withdrawal. Withdrawals are most likely to present themselves when consuming contaminated CBD. If you are interested in learning more about CBD oil and insomnia, you can check out the following link for different studies done on CBD helping with insomnia. What Does Research Say About CBD? – March 2022

Q2. How does CBD oil affect the brain?

The Impact of Cannabidiol on Human Brain Function: A Systematic Review

CBD has numerous effects on the brain, including some of the following:

  • Increases dopamine and serotonin which are your body’s natural chemical mood regulators
  • CBD interacts with opioids and other receptors which can help those who struggle with addiction to get through some of the major withdrawals they encounter when they choose to fight their addiction.
  • CBD might influence the neuron activity in the hippocampus, a structure in the human brain that is part of the limbic system and is known to play a role in different types of memory.
  • Reduces blood flow which may help with heart or other circulatory conditions. However, this may also cause low blood pressure. NIH CBD and heart failure
  • CBD is likely to decrease inflammation or swelling in the brain. This would make it helpful in reducing pain and other ailments as well. This would likely be useful for people who are recovering from brain trauma.
  • CBD likely reduces oxidation in the brain which can also be helpful in brain recovery
  • CBD could also prevent excitotoxicity which is also called cell degeneration
  • CBD might be useful in the prevention of psychosis symptoms helpful in counteracting the psychoactive components of THC and in the treatment of many mental health disorders like schizophrenia. The Impact of Cannabidiol on Psychiatric and Medical Conditions

Q3. What research has been done on the use of CBD oil for sleep?

There are many different case studies on CBD oil for sleep. One of them gathers data on whether or not CBD helped those with sleep and anxiety and there was an overall improvement.

Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series

A review of case studies indicates that CBD oil helps with insomnia What Does Research Say About CBD? – March 2022

Following this link, you will find some of the research that proves CBD’s benefits for insomnia. NIH Insomnia

CBD in the treatment of sleep disorders The sleep disorders featured in this NIH article include Narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and parasomnias.

Another research regarding CBD

A NIH study and/or article on Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Epilepsy

A NIH study and/or article about Cannabidiol (CBD) in Cancer Management

A NIH study and/or article about Enhancing Endocannabinoid Control of Stress with Cannabidiol

Q4. When should I take my CBD oil to help me sleep?

You should take your CBD oil about one hour before you plan on going to sleep. This gives your body time to absorb the CBD and effectively use it to begin the natural sleeping process.

Q5. CBD oil for sleep in the elderly?

CBD oil is safe for the elderly to use and can be helpful as a natural sleep aid. Seniors get the same benefits from CBD that non-seniors experience.

In fact, those over the age of fifty might just benefit the most from CBD oil because of the common aches and pains that are associated with getting older.

Check out the Safety and tolerability of natural and synthetic cannabinoids in adults aged over 50 years: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Conclusion: Where to Buy CBD for Sleep?

CBD oil for insomnia has an unlimited number of benefits and scientists, doctors, and researchers have been observing the different ailments CBD can help with, and the result thus far has been positive results. I hope this article will help you find out the right CBD oil for you.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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